Suominen Introduces Revolutionary Designer Series Patterns For Nonwovens For Wipes

HELSINKI, Finland — March 22, 2017 — Suominen has introduced revolutionary Designer Series pattern selection for nonwovens for baby care and household wiping applications. The Designer Series contains unique high-resolution patterns designed exclusively for Suominen by professional designers and validated with consumers to convey softness and functionality in cleaning.

Commercial production of these patterns was made possible by investing more than 60 million euros in Suominen’s production technology in North America, Europe and South America.

With the Designer Series, Suominen fulfills the modern day needs of both consumers and brands when it comes to wipes materials. Consumers desire easy choices, that is, wipes whose distinct patterns clearly indicate either softness or cleaning efficiency or both. Brands, for their part, look for wipes substrates with a compelling reason-to-believe, enabling the highest value to their marketing spend. These are the exact things Designer Series patterns and new Suominen technology were created to deliver, making Suominen’s patterning and texturing capabilities across multiple platforms second to none.

“When the team started with the Designer Series, we took an approach no other company in the nonwovens industry had taken before. We partnered with professional designers whose interpretation really challenged Suominen to test what its improved production technology is capable of,” Vish Mazumder, Product Development manager, says.

“Another unprecedented step in product development for a nonwovens company like Suominen was when we went to ask consumers which patterns they found softest and most functional in cleaning. The patterns that, according to integration of multi-sourced data points, resonated best with consumers are now available in the Designer Series selection,” said Mazumder.

“Design Series is the culmination of great work by so many, namely our operations and R&D teams,” said Jon Arendt, Product Manager. “With the process and consumer insights gathered, combined with customer feedback, we look forward to triangulating this into products that deliver meaningful business results for our customers. We believe that working in this way continues Suominen’s paradigm shift to being a market driven product leader.

Posted March 22, 2017

Source: Suominen