INDEX™ 17 Exhibitor Preview: BASF

LUDWIGSHAFEN, Germany — March 6, 2017 — With Acronal 2434, BASF presents a new aqueous acrylic binder for nonwovens meeting high thermo-dimensional stability requirements. The binder is particularly suitable for nonwovens that are used for construction and abrasive applications. The innovative binder complements the comprehensive BASF product portfolio of dispersions and resins, which is going to be presented at booth 2427 at the Index fair in Geneva April 4-7, 2017.

Dimensionally stable nonwovens
With Acronal 2434, BASF offers a self-cross-linking acrylic dispersion that lends nonwovens that are exposed to thermal strain high levels of mechanical stability. The binder is particularly suitable for nonwovens made of synthetic fibers such as polyester. The newly developed product is compatible with other cross-linking systems such as melamine and urea resins. In addition, it can easily be applied with regular foulard systems.

“Acronal 2434 is another high-performance binder that we offer to our customers in the nonwovens industry,“ says Jürgen Pfister, vice president, Dispersions for Adhesives & Fiber Bonding Europe. “Primarily when it comes to nonwovens that are exposed to high levels of thermal and mechanical strain, our novel acrylic dispersion delivers outstanding effects. With this innovative and sustainable binder, we have found a solution that is targeted towards the needs of our customers. This way, we can help our customers to be successful.”

Posted March 6, 2017

Source: BASF