Dornier’s “Green Machines” Provide The Highest Weaving Quality For Technical Textiles, Sophisticated Decorative Fabrics And Excellent Clothing Fabrics

LINDAU, Germany — November 18, 2016 — Lindauer DORNIER GmbH will present innovative machine concepts for the production of highly sophisticated fabrics at India ITME in Mumbai. Under Dornier’s sustainability motto “The Green Machine”, the family company, which manufactures the machines exclusively in Germany, will present the latest technical solutions which allow producing the most modern technical textiles, sophisticated decorative fabrics and clothing with refined quality for the premium segment with very high economic efficiency.

Furthermore, as at the ITMA 2015 and ITMA Asia 2016, Dornier as the technological market leader will present comprehensive solutions for “green technologies”. Citing the traditional green color of Dornier’s weaving machines, this also encompasses the “sustainable effect” of the fabrics produced on them. Their performance is of decisive importance in many sectors: Whether finest filters for purifying water or air, airbags and antiballistic structures to protect against death or injuries, composites made of glass or carbon fibers to reduce moving masses and consequently the CO2 emission. For all these and many more applications, Dornier’s “Green Machines” are indispensable tools manufacturing customized precision fabrics.

The latest machine types of the Dornier system family comprising rapier and air-jet weaving machines are the centerpoint of the presentation. Experts will demonstrate how Indian weavers can utilize the superior Dornier technology to master the current weaving mill demands as to the highest quality for fabrics and applications in the individual segments.

Peter D. Dornier, Chairman of the executive board, on the India ITME participation:
“India is not only a fascinating country, but has become one of our most important markets worldwide concerning weaving and specialty machines. It’s many years now in which we are close to our Indian customers. Dornier has a subsidiary in Mumbai since the year 2000 that operates under the name Dornier Machinery India Private Ltd. (InDO) as a legally independent entity since 2005. With a plant expansion last autumn to nearly 900 m2, InDO has prepared itself for the market growth. India’s annual economic growth has been above 7% during the last years. The country is on the way to becoming a leading industrial nation.

Dornier’s share in this development has been quite considerable with about 5,000 new and used rapier and air-jet weaving machines producing precision fabrics in India (besides of that more than 35 large Dornier biaxial film stretching lines for thermoplastic films are currently operating in the country – making it the no. 1 polyester packaging film producer in the world). Along with this, India will continue to improve product quality and utilize the best and most modern machines for production. The high number of Indian textile manufacturers visiting the ITMA reflects this trend and we are very pleased that Dornier’s outstanding quality is highly valued. The India ITME gives us the perfect opportunity to demonstrate directly the many advantages of our leading weaving machine technology.”

Our presentation of technical textiles focuses mainly on fabrics that cannot be produced on weaving machines of other manufacturers with regard to quality and economic efficiency providing thus a unique selling point for the weavers. Examples can be found in all application areas of technical textiles from environment and geotextiles to construction textiles, industrial and 3D textiles up to the automobile and aircraft industries as well as aerospace.

For sophisticated decorative fabrics, Dornier will be pleased to demonstrate to the Indian weavers, in the premium segment, how to implement Dornier’s technical advantage in weaving machines to also meet the latest and fancy demands. The decorative textile sector continues to be adventurous and develops more and more new patterns and material combinations. This trend is illustrated at the upcoming decorative fabrics exhibition in Frankfurt by “Explorations” as central theme. Dornier’s principle still applies: “Our weaving machines can efficiently transform practically everything that can be wound on a bobbin into a high quality, high value fabric”. Especially with complex patterns or fancy yarns, fabrics produced on Dornier weaving machines attain excellent quality combined with very high productivity.

Dornier will be pleased to demonstrate to Indian weavers how they can produce premium quality with high productivity in the rapidly growing market of especially high value and sophisticated clothing fabrics.

In all production segments with the highest demands on fabrics Dornier weaving machines provide unique performance and process reliability through a consequent exchange of ideas with customers, the inventiveness of Dornier engineers as well as the quality of the production in Germany.

“Quality creates value” – the focal point at the India ITME with the following weaving machines and applications:

The rapier weaving machine P2 is a further development of the Dornier rapier weaving machine P1 with positive central transfer. With this machine a high density filter fabric with a width of 320 cm can be woven, for example, which was only possible with custommade machines up until now. The extremely high density is achieved by a specially developed cloth take-up, an absolute uniformity of the filling density and a reed impact force of 50 kN. Such a high reed impact force requires regulation of the warp tensions to a constant value with the warp let-off and cloth take-up.

In order to control this warp tension, the Dornier SyncroDrive® with its stable speed is decisive for shedding. The load peaks in the complete shedding motion are therefore minimized and the uniform fabric produced always has the same mesh count per cm2.

This is another requirement for a high quality filter fabric in addition to the density. The new rapier weaving machine P2 provides weavers a multitude of new application options as well as the chance to open up new markets. As real “Green Machine” it will prove its special strength and sturdiness above all in fields that require more efficient, heavier and denser fabrics with highest regularity. This applies, e.g. for filter fabrics for wet, fluid and solid matter filtration or for soot particle separation etc.

On the latest version of Dornier’s rapier weaving machine P1, complex functional fabrics can be produced from different materials. The wide application spectrum of the P1 ranges from high value silk fabrics with 16 filling colors for example for imaginative ladies outerwear fabrics up to carbon, glass or coated lattices with coarsest yarn counts in warp and filling, and densities of 0.5 threads/cm or even lower. The filling insertion controlled in every phase allows processing an exceptionally wide range of yarn types and counts. This ranges from finest silk threads and monofilaments to glass roving and up to coarsest fancy yarns. The yarn count range is between 7 den and 4500 tex.

Upholstery fabrics for office chairs are one of the applications presented at the ITMA. Elastic monofilaments and different flock yarns are used in the filling. The color of the fabric can be chosen individually according to customer wishes. This challenging elastic material of high quality can only be woven using a very precise warp regulation. The regulation must ensure a predefined tension curve from full to empty warp beam. For this purpose, the rapier weaving machine P1 is equipped with a warp tension measuring system where sensors control the actuators by means of the warp let-off control thus ensuring a constant warp tension.

A completely different example that illustrates the application variety of the rapier weaving machine P1 comes from sophisticated ladies outerwear. Here, a very high value fabric with 16 filling colors and different materials can be woven with an insertion rate of up to 600 fillings per minute. The basis for weaving such a multifaceted blended fabric is the welltried Dornier filling insertion with positive controlled center transfer ensuring a precise and reliable insertion of different filling yarns. Furthermore, a multitude of machine functions and components, in part patented, such as, e. g. Dornier MotoLeno® for the selvedge creation or Dornier AirGuide® for a precise rapier guidance in the shed, guarantee topmost process reliability.

Dornier’s air-jet weaving machine A1 also provides an exceptionally wide application variety.

Whether combined with a cam machine, a Jacquard machine with up to 12,000 lifting hooks, a dobby machine with up to 16 shafts or a Dornier EasyLeno® unit, the A1 is the perfect tool for creative, economic and precise production of technical textiles, home textiles and clothing fabrics – in nominal machine widths from 150 to 540 cm.

The style spectrum of the versatile A1 for technical textiles ranges from spinnaker silk to airbag and conveyor fabrics up to Jacquard car upholstery. In clothing fabrics, from wool to Africa damask up to functional textiles and, for decorative fabrics, from multiwidth Jacquard table linen to finest curtains.

In the area of high value automobile textiles, market leaders from all over the world have trusted the high flexibility and productivity of Dornier air-jet weaving machines for almost 20 years. Today, products for the sectors tire cord, car upholstery or truck tarpaulins previously produced on projectile or flexible rapier weaving machines are produced considerably cheaper with better quality on Dornier air-jet weaving machines. The air-jet weaving machine generation A1 opens up further substitution potential in these and other areas.

Air-jet weaving machine A1 also delivers outstanding results when weaving the finest wool in the very highest premium quality as produced by leading weaving mills all over the world. The special challenge here is to produce a fabric with this quality whilst meeting the most demanding requirements with high productivity. The Dornier air-jet weaving machine meets this challenge with its gentle filling insertion (“senza pelosità”, which means no hairiness of the fabric) in combination with automatic filling break repair. But Dornier would not be Dornier if productivity and quality were not continuously driven on. In industrial use, this has already been successful in the unique Dornier quality by prominent Italian wool weavers with an insertion rate of up to 1,000 fillings per minute. The heart of the Dornier “weave-by-wire” technology is the patented drive concept Dornier SyncroDrive®. It is a very low maintenance weaving machine drive based on servomotors without clutch-brake unit. The close of shed is adjustable electronically during weaving via Dornier ErgoWeave®, style data are archived and therefore reproducible.

The newly developed nozzle concept, which allows a gentle acceleration of the filling thread, and the high performance carbon shafts further reduce vibrations during shedding.

During Jacquard weaving with the DornierSyncroDrive®, the weaving machine and Jacquard machine have separate drives with servomotors whereby the cardan shaft is not required. The connection runs via an electronic shaft. The very rigid and low vibration drive concept reduces the mechanical load as well as wear in the complete shedding area. The forces acting on the system as well as the energy consumption are drastically reduced.

Dornier SyncroDrive®

The patented Dornier SyncroDrive® is a weaving machine drive with especially low maintenance due to the elimination of toothed belts or shaft drive. The bases are servomotors with direct control without a clutch-brake unit. This drive concept permits changing the close of shed timepoint during weaving.

The very rigid and low vibration drive concept reduces the mechanical load as well as wear in the whole shedding motion thus ensuring significantly fewer warp breaks.

Systems equipped with Dornier SyncroDrive® process the yarns very gently. Service life is prolonged, operating costs reduced. Lower costs, highest functional reliability and an outstanding fabric quality raise weaving with Dornier SyncroDrive® to a high level.

Posted November 21, 2016

Source: Lindauer Dornier GmbH