Lectra Continues To Conquer Fast-Growing Airbag Market In East Asia

PARIS — October 18, 2016 — Lectra is pleased to announce that South Korean automotive component supplier Dual has purchased a FocusQuantum® laser airbag cutting project for its multi-ply airbag manufacturing plant in Jiangyin, China.

With a proud tradition of world-class research and development, Dual strives to meet evolving customer needs by offering innovative new auto interior materials and manufacturing technology. The supplier’s airbag cutting business serves the needs of Hyundai Motor Group, which is currently undergoing growth in the strategically important automotive manufacturing region of mainland China.

Due to its OEM customer’s anticipated rise in production volume requirements as of 2017, Dual began looking into significantly increasing capacity. When the company first approached Lectra, it was equipped with Lectra Focus® laser airbag cutters. Impressed by the high level of cutting quality and productivity demonstrated by the next-generation FocusQuantum—following testing at Lectra’s R&D campus in Bordeaux-Cestas, France—Dual signed to purchase a brand-new FocusQuantum for its facilities in China.

The complete airbag manufacturing project includes the support of Lectra Professional Services to accelerate ramp-up, guarantee smooth integration into the manufacturer’s processes and ensure optimal performance of the cutting process.

The quality and breadth of Lectra’s customer support services were a major reason behind Dual’s final decision to acquire a FocusQuantum integrated solution. FocusQuantum Support coverage includes automatic real-time alerts and detailed reports compiling updated maintenance records and system status, including that of the laser source.

As a mature organization with a full customer support structure in place, including a call center, an extensive field service engineering team, senior airbag business consultants and spare parts inventories, Lectra helps airbag manufacturers achieve maximum machine availability and productivity through quick intervention.

“Dual maintains its leadership position through continuous technology development and quality improvement, with consumer safety and comfort as high priorities,” notes Yong Woo Park, CEO, Airbag Business Unit, Dual (IHC). “Acquiring a state-of-the-art FocusQuantum will enable us to not only increase our production capacity, but also achieve the very highest level of quality.”

“We are pleased that Dual has decided to gain a competitive edge with our game-changing FocusQuantum laser airbag cutting solution,” states Céline Choussy Bedouet, Chief Marketing and Communications Officer, Lectra. “In addition to benefiting from the highest level of airbag quality at the lowest possible cost per unit, Dual can operate with confidence knowing that Lectra maintains a strong local presence in China, with Professional Services teams based in in Hong Kong, Guangzhou, Shanghai and Beijing.”

Posted October 18, 2016

Source: Lectra