Beaulieu Fibres International To Invest 30 Million Euros In Meraklon Hygiene Fiber Capacity Increase

WIELSBEKE, Belgium — September 13, 2016 — Beaulieu Fibres International (B.F.I.) has announced a 30 million euro investment to extend production capacity at its Merkalon plant in Terni, Italy, and expand the Meraklon specialty fiber portfolio with new BICO products.

The investment centers on a new hygiene line equipped with the latest, state-of-the-art long spin technology to meet the on-going increase in demand in the market for high quality polyolefin fibers. It will be housed in a new building offering space for further expansion, which will be constructed at the Terni site. B.F.I. expects to begin installation of the equipment beginning mid-2017.

The new hygiene line will enable B.F.I to add BICO polyethylene/polyethylene terephthalate (PE/PET) and BICO polypropylene/PET fibers to its Meraklon product portfolio for the first time. This important step will support B.F.I’s worldwide hygiene and personal care sector customers interested in using these fibers for nonwoven applications such as baby diapers, adult incontinence products, feminine care and wipes.

Nonwovens made with the BICO fiber combinations have a higher loft/bulk and a good resilience. The higher melting temperature of the PET in the core of the fiber allows a broad bonding window during the production process. In particular, PE/PET fibers address the requirements of softness in the market in combination with a higher bulkiness through the PET.

B.F.I will also produce mono PP fibers on the new line, extending its current production capabilities for these fibers at Terni. BFI produces a broad portfolio of fibers for hygiene customers at the site including Trilobal and PE/PP BICO fibers.

Karena Cancilleri, vice president, Engineered Products, B.F.I, commented: “The additional production capacity is a key step in making the Meraklon Terni plant a true centre of excellence for Hygiene. It reinforces our on-going commitment to increase support for customers in this sector following the extension of our production portfolio with Mono Trilobal fibers and PE/PP BICO fibers in 2015. Having an additional production line at Terni will give us the capability to be more flexible in our support and to offer an even wider product range through new BICO products.”

Posted September 13, 2016

Source: Beaulieu Fibres International (B.F.I.)