Madeira Offers New Color Card For Its Fire Resistant Fire Fighter Embroidery Thread

Laconia, N.H.  — April 29, 2016 — In recent months, Madeira has produced a new color card, representing its popular flame resistant embroidery thread, Fire Fighter. The color card features windings of all 24 available colors of this 100-percent aramid embroidery thread. With the expanding attention paid to safety standards driving its sales, the manufacturer of this fire resistant embroidery thread recently made all colors available in 2,734 yard cones, as well as 1,000 yard Mini Snap Cones (MSCs). Fourteen of the most popular of Fire Fighter’s 24 colors are stocked in the U.S. in both cones and MSCs. The remaining 10 are readily available in MSCs, with cones available by special order.

With fire resistant embroidery thread of interest to industries such as fire and safety, motor sports, aeronautics, transportation, public buildings, as well as children’s and infant’s wear, Madeira’s Fire Fighter is available in 24 colors ranging from bright electric orange and fire engine red to soft pastels of pink and blue. Its 100-percent aramid construction contains Nomex® fibers from DuPont®.

“We listened to our customers in the contract field who cater to sectors known for safety measures, like energy and transportation, and sports like car racing,” said Madeira USA President Shirley Clark. “And as they became more and more regulated for safety, Madeira was able to respond by supplying our fire resistant Fire Fighter embroidery thread in larger put-ups. By not having to change spools as often, customers are spared the down time and production becomes more efficient.”

Fire Fighter has a high resistance to heat and releases much less toxic vapors compared to flame resistant threads made of polyester. The result is that Madeira’s Fire Fighter embroidery thread is the first choice for those whose main emphasis is on safety. While having earned the international Oeko-tex certificate for not containing harmful substances, Fire Fighter has also earned ISO 6941 and ISO 15025 in the U.S., as well as other international standards in the global market.

The new Fire Fighter color card, Item #100-95 sells for $5.00 and is available on Madeira’s website. It also contains laundering instructions for items that are embroidered with Fire Fighter thread.

Posted May 2, 2016

Source: Madeira USA