Oerlikon Neumag: Efficient Spunbond Technology For A Growing Market

NEUMÜNSTER, Germany — March 18, 2016 — Oerlikon Neumag will present itself at this year’s IDEA in Boston with its extensive technology portfolio for the production of nonwovens: from spunbond and meltblown to airlaid through to staple fibers for the production of carded nonwovens. Areas of application include technical, such as filtration, roofing, geotextiles and automotive, in addition to medical and hygiene applications.

Cost reductions of up to 30 percent for spunbond production

The proportion of nonwovens manufactured directly from polymer granulate now amounts to almost 50% of the total market, and its share is continuing to grow. The trend is towards lighter surface weights that despite everything still meet the high quality standards. Benchmark comparisons with current prod- ucts in Europe show that with the spunbond technology of Oerlikon Neumag, the required qualities are achieved with reduced surface weights. This results in raw material savings of over 5%.

Furthermore, the machine builder from Neumünster has optimized the energy consumption of its sys- tems. The new generation of systems saves almost 20% of the energy requirement in spinning alone. Together with the raw material savings and further technology optimizations, the conversion costs are up to 30% below those of the spunbond systems producing today.

Meltblown technology for even higher qualities

The optimized meltblown technology defines new requirements for the production of filter nonwovens. Whether as stand-alone mono and bicomponent systems, or as Plug & Produce components in existing systems, the Oerlikon Neumag meltblown process today enables cost-efficient manufacture of melt- blown nonwovens with the quality standards of tomorrow.

Airlaid technology for extremely thin nonwovens

Production of high-quality, light airlaid nonwovens with economically attractive production speeds and system throughputs is nowadays in demand. In this area, the forming head of the Oerlikon Neumag airlaid technology with a high uniformity and homogenous fiber placement, even with extremely thin nonwovens, is setting standards.

Fiber production for carded nonwovens

For manufacturers of carded nonwovens, who in future would like to produce their fibers in-house, Oer- likon Neumag offers a comprehensive technology portfolio. The economically viable system capacities for special mono and bico fibers made of PP, PET and other polymers start at 5 t per day.

Posted March 19, 2016

Source: Oerlikon Neumag