Level Winding Drive For Measured Spacing Of Rows On Take-Up Reels — No Programming Required

ASTON, Pa. — January 13, 2016 — Amacoil Inc. now offers an option on Uhing rolling ring level winding drives which enables users to spool cable, and other materials, with specific spacing between rows. The standard traverse drive creates a smooth, even, level wind with adjacent rows of material. The option – a set screw inserted into one or both ends of the drive housing – allows measured spacing of spooling rows. No complex electronics or programming are needed.

On a standard rolling ring traverse winding drive, the pitch is set using the pitch control lever on the unit. Setting the pitch determines the linear speed at which the traverse will move along the shaft. The pitch is usually set to match the diameter of the material being spooled in order to form adjacent rows on the reel.

With the set screw option, one end of the screw protrudes into the traverse unit housing. The end of the screw contacts the rolling ring assembly and holds it at a specific angle relative to the shaft. As a result, the drive will begin travel across the shaft at the pitch lever setting, but after reversal, it will travel back at a higher or lower speed depending on the set screw adjustment. This creates equal spaces between the rows of material being spooled. No adjustments to motor speed or other controls are necessary. Winding/spooling machine designers will find the Amacoil set screw option an effective, low cost solution for spooling applications that require special spacing of rows on the take-up reel.

If two set screws are used, one in each end of the drive housing, the traverse moves at pre-selected fixed speeds in each direction of travel. In this case, the adjustable pitch control lever is removed. The speed in each direction of travel may be set the same or different depending on the winding pattern required.

Amacoil representatives will work with customers to determine the correct settings for the set screw to achieve the desired layline spacing. The set screw option is inexpensive (less than $75.00) and is available on new units and readily retrofitted to existing Uhing winding drive set ups. Once the set screw is in place it should not be changed by the user. Changing the depth at which the set screw is installed will change the travel speed of the drive unit.

Amacoil, Inc., is the exclusive N. American distributor of Uhing rolling ring traverse drives and assemblies which are used for winding of all types of materials from hair-thin wire to heavy gauge cables, ropes and chains. Rolling ring drives are a backlash-free, jam proof alternative to screw-based drives. They run on a smooth shaft without threads which eliminates the potential for clogging and jamming. Amacoil applications specialists will assist with drive selection and with assembly design. Amacoil also offers electronically controlled level winders which enable more complex pattern winding.

Posted January 13, 2016

Source: Amacoil