Safe Reflections Debuts ReflectYourGear™ Pedestrian Safety Products

ST. PAUL, Minn. — October 8, 2015 — Daylight hours are shortening for the rest of the year, and with that comes increasing threats to pedestrian safety. In the U.S., a pedestrian is injured in a traffic crash every eight minutes and, according to the National Safety Council, the chances of being struck and killed as a pedestrian increase 1,100 percent after dark.

That’s why reflective technology pioneers Safe Reflections introduced ReflectYourGear, a new initiative to help ensure outdoor and fitness enthusiasts sharing the road with cars are seen more clearly and from greater distances in the dark and in low-light conditions.

“Reflective material has been used in work wear for years to increase the visibility of people who are working near traffic,” said Chuck Gruber, CEO of Safe Reflections and founder of ReflectYourGear. “We must find a way to get this highly effective material on all people who spend time outdoors during low light hours. People just don’t know they should wear it, where they can get it, and how easily it can help them be seen by the driver of a car. That’s why we formed ReflectYourGear. It’s all about educating people on reflective, creating awareness of why they should be wearing it and then getting material into people’s hands so they can put it on the garments they own themselves.“

Starting with high-quality 3M Scotchlite Reflective Material, ReflectYourGear reflective material significantly increases drivers’ ability to see runners and cyclists in time to react and avoid an accident.

ReflectYourGear reflective material uses Safe Reflections Brilliant® Color Reflective, which means high-brightness reflective does not need to be conspicuously silver. Available in black, blue, red, bronze and a variety of colors, ReflectYourGear material is discrete on clothing during the day. The material was developed to reflect the light from headlights back towards the driver of a motor vehicle from any angle, greatly increasing the visibility of anyone who wears it.

“ReflectYourGear is the latest innovation from our 3M Scotchlite Reflective Material partner Safe Reflections,” said Kevin McGuigan, 3M Scotchlite Reflective Material Global Business Manager. “With their new adhesive technology and direct-to-consumer marketing approach, runners, cyclists, children and outdoor enthusiasts will now be able to add colorized reflective directly to virtually any garment or accessory making it easier than ever to be visible when walking or exercising during low light hours.”

ReflectYourGear’s self-adhesive reflective material increases peace of mind and confidence that outdoor enthusiasts are doing all they can to reduce the possibility of an accident – whether they’re walking, running or cycling at night. Backpacks, bicycle helmets, messenger bags, dog collars/leashes, warm-up apparel and footwear are all possibilities for enhanced visibility with either iron-on or taped product applications.

ReflectYourGear material can increase pedestrians’ ability to be seen from 500 feet away, ensuring drivers have plenty of time to see and react. A free pack of material is available now at (with free shipping and handling) by using coupon code “BeSeen.” Quantities are limited.

In addition to offering free samples, has detailed information and instructional videos about how placement of the material on a garment can improve both brightness and visibility, while increasing the safety of runners, walkers and cyclists while outside in the dark and in low-visibility light.

“70 percent of pedestrian fatalities occur during low-light or nighttime hours,” said Sharla Wagy, marketing manager for ReflectYourGear. “Adding high-brightness reflective material to garments and accessories can provide an enhanced level of visibility, and ReflectYourGear is dedicated to making the process easier than ever before.”

Posted October 13, 2015

Source: Safe Reflections