JEC Group Announces The 2014 Winners Of The JEC Asia Innovation Awards

SINGAPORE — November 4, 2014 — This year, during JEC Asia – Composites Show and Conferences, to be held November 17-19, 2014, eight companies and their partners will receive an award for their composites innovations in a ceremony on November 17. The winners broach a wide expanse of domains. They were selected from the following categories: Raw Materials, Prepegs, Process, Automotive, Storage, Sustainability, Recycling and Compression Molding.

Moreover, 2 Singaporean key players will receive an Academic Award and a Life-Achievement Award. The awards will be attributed respectively to Republic Polytechnic for its involvement in developing technical expertise for the composites industry and to Prof. T.E. TAY for his contribution of outstanding scientific significance to the field of composites over his whole career.

In addition, 1 student Award will support tomorrow’s Composites Innovator as it will put forward a student final paper on the Composites field.

“The composites market is booming in Asia representing in 2013 not less than 50% of the world production and the JEC Innovation Awards aim to highlight innovative companies and processes among all the stakeholders. This year, we are very proud of the quality of the Innovation Awards Competition applications for their richness and the complexity of the processes they present” said Mrs. Frédérique Mutel, JEC Group President and CEO.

The jury of composites experts has selected the best composite breakthroughs, based on their technical interest, market potential, partnerships, financial & environmental impact and originality. The decision to give prominence to these projects was based on their atypical nature and various noteworthy aspects.

The JEC innovation awards ceremony will highlight 11 innovators on stage including an academic, a lifetime achievement and a student award, on Monday, November 17 at 4:00 pm at JEC Asia Composites Show And Conferences, Suntec Center, Singapore). The event has been reshaped into a brand new ceremony and will be open to media, exhibitors and visitors. The Innovation Awards Ceremony is sponsored by Aviation Week and JEC Composites Magazine.

  • Category: Raw Materials Winner

    • UHT Unitech Co., Ltd (Taiwan)
    • Name of Product or Process: High-Modulus PAN-based Carbon Fiber
  • Category: Prepregs Winner

    • Gurit (UK)
    • Name of Product or Process: Innovative Long-Shelf-Life Prepreg Systems
  • Category: Process Winner

    • Dongsung Chemical Co., Ltd (Republic of Korea)
    • Name of Product or Process: High Cycle Speed Molding Method
  • Category: Automotive Winner

    • KC Tech (Republic of Korea)
    • Partners: Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre with Boeing (UK), SsangYong Motor Co., Ltd. (Republic of Korea)
    • Name of Product or Process: Microwave Curing of a CFRP Acoustic Cover for Automotive Applications
  • Category: Storage Winner

    • German Aerospace Center – DLR (Germany)
    • Partners: Helmholtz Association (Germany)
    • Name of Product or Process: Innovative Composite Winding Technology for CNG Storage in the Automotive Industry
  • Category: Sustainability Winner

    • Lavender Composites (Australia)
    • Partners: Archer Cork Skateboards (Australia), Amorim (France), Sicomin (France), Bcomp® (Switzerland)
    • Name of Product or Process: Cork Composite Skateboard
  • Category: Recycling Winner

    • FRP Recycling Center, JRPS (Japan)
    • Partners: Japan Fuji Recycle Center (Japan), Goko Butsuryu Co., Ltd. (Japan), Sumitomo Osaka Cement Co., Ltd. (Japan)
    • Name of Product or Process: Waste FRP Recycling
  • Category: Compression Molding Winner

    • HOPE Technik (Singapore)
    • Name of Product or Process: Ultra-Thin Sheet Molding Compound Application
  • Category: Academic Winner

    • Republic Polytechnic
    • Name of Product or Process: Tapping into the Potential of Composite Materials for the Future at Republic Polytechnic
  • Category: Life Achievement Award Winner

    • Tong-Earn Tay, Head of the Department of Mechanical Engineering at NUS (Singapore)

Posted November 4, 2014

Source: JEC Asia