INDA’s Research, Innovative & Science For Engineered Fabrics Conference Includes Nanofibers For The Third Millennium

CARY, N.C. — Sept. 2, 2014 — INDA, the Association of the Nonwoven Fabrics Industry, announced that its Research, Innovation & Science for Engineered Fabrics (RISE) Conference will devote one day of its three day event to present Nanofibers for the Third Millennium (N3M), a symposium highlighting the major nanofiber application areas and manufacturing processes. The conference will be held February 10-12, in Miami, Florida. Elmarco Inc., a manufacturer of electrospun nanofiber equipment, will be a Platinum Sponsor of the N3M symposium.
INDA’s RISE Conference has been connecting technical innovation in engineered fabrics with practical applications since 2010. It is a conference growing in appeal to Business/Product Development Professionals, Innovation Teams, Product Managers Research Engineers, and other Technical Scouts.
The conference coordination responds to the growing interest in combining nanofibers, (fibers with diameters less than 100 nanometers) with nonwoven materials to significantly enhance various performance properties. 
 “Our RISE Conference aligns with the element of our mission to provide thought-leadership in innovation and technology.  Adding the N3M symposium on nanofibers as enhancements to nonwovens brings attendees an exciting new area that simply cannot be ignored by forward looking companies.  Having the conference in sunny Miami in February should represent an attractive venue, so we are looking for this to be our best RISE yet,” said Dave Rousse, President of INDA.
The February N3M symposium includes key applications, nanofiber operations, and several nanofiber production processes. Applications to be covered include Air/Liquid Filtration, Life Sciences (wound care and tissue scaffolding), and Energy Storage (fuel cells and battery separators).   
“We created the N3M conference as a platform for bringing leaders in fine fiber product design together in 2008.  Following the success of our sponsorship in Europe, North America,
and Asia, we’re excited to be working with an association of INDA’s caliber,” said Ales Gardian, Chief Technology Officer, Elmarco, S.R.O.
N3M delegates will have the option of attending two tracks and four sessions. Two of the mid-day sessions will be held simultaneously and cap the event with a plenary panel discussion.
The RISE and N3M conference opens with a Monday night Welcome Reception at a Miami venue yet to be determined with conference presentations to begin Tuesday morning.  Sessions include Spunmelt Technology, Surface Treatments and Modifications, New Fibers and Materials, and Novel Properties, among others. 

Posted September 2, 2014

Source: INDA