Auburn Manufacturing Certifies Products Are Made-in-USA

Auburn Manufacturing Inc. (AMI), Mechanic Falls, Maine — a manufacturer of textile products for extreme temperature industrial applications — now is providing its own Country of Origin certificate with every price quotation it sends to its customers. The certificate verifies that every product AMI manufactures is 100-percent made in the United States, from yarn through finished product, at its own plants in Maine; and that all products are compliant with statutes and regulations such as the Berry Amendment, The Buy American Act and Federal Trade Commission regulations with regard to procurement and labeling of Made-in-USA products.
“When we certify that our products are ‘Made in the USA,’ we mean that not only are the products themselves assembled in the United States, but that virtually all of the components are also made in the United States,” said Kathie Leonard, president and CEO, AMI. “It is important to note that the word ‘Origin’ refers to the country where the products are made — and not the country from where they are shipped. If suppliers choose to make claims that their products are made in the USA, they must comply with the Federal Trade Commission’s ‘Made in the USA’ policy. This requires a product bearing the words ‘Made in the USA’ to be ‘all or virtually all’ made in the USA.”
February 11, 2014