TenCate Advanced Composites, Kringlan Composites Enter MoU For Automotive Parts

TenCate Advanced Composites — a division of the Netherlands-based Royal Ten Cate NV — and
Switzerland-based Kringlan Composites AG have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for the
development of thermoplastic composite-based solutions for the manufacture of automotive parts that
are lightweight and exhibit high impact resistance.

The cooperation currently centers on a carbon fiber-reinforced composite wheel for
high-performance automobiles. Kringlan, which has patented technology that can be used in series
production of composite wheels, is focused on the design and production of the wheel. TenCate,
whose Cetex® fiber-reinforced thermoplastic composite materials have been used in the aerospace
industry for some time, will provide the thermoplastic composite that will be used to manufacture
the wheel. The two companies now have reached the phase at which they can begin commercial
production, which is facilitated by the use of a thermoplastic composite and the shortened
production time.

According to TenCate, the composite wheel is 30- to 40-percent lighter in weight than a
conventional wheel; and the lighter-weight wheel leads to reduced fuel consumption and carbon
dioxide emissions by the vehicle.

September 17, 2013