INDA Praises Release Of EPA Solvent-Contaminated Wipes Rule

CARY, N.C. — July 29, 2013 — INDA, Association of the Nonwoven Fabrics Industry praised the U.S.
Environmental Protection Agency for the July 23 release of its long-awaited rule modifying the
federal hazardous waste management regulations that apply to non-laundered and laundered wipes
contaminated with solvents that are used in tens of thousands of industrial and other facilities
across the United States. 

Under the final rule, both types of solvent-contaminated wipes will be given the opportunity
to be excluded from the definition of hazardous waste under the Resource Conservation and Recovery
Act (RCRA). In order to be excluded, wipes will need to be managed in closed, labeled containers
and may not contain free liquids when sent for either cleaning or disposal.  In addition,
facilities that use these wipes will be prohibited from storing wipes for longer than 180 days and
will be required to meet certain recordkeeping requirements. EPA estimates that these changes will
result in a net savings of more than $20 million per year in avoided regulatory costs and other
expected benefits, including pollution prevention, waste minimization and fire prevention

The completion of the rule, which is scheduled for publication in the Federal Register, caps
off decades of efforts by INDA and others to revise the waste regulations for wipes, which were
recognized by EPA as being overly stringent, burdensome and confusing to the thousands of small
businesses that rely upon these products. EPA first released a proposal to alter the regulatory
framework in November 2003, and published a revised risk assessment in October 2009. INDA provided
input on both, and worked extensively with the agency and others throughout the years to see the
rule completed.

“We believe this rule will enhance flexibility and increase the options available to the
thousands of businesses that use these wipes, and are hopeful it will create new opportunities for
nonwoven wipes,”  said INDA President Dave Rousse. 

“After so many years of hard work, we are extremely gratified that the EPA has finalized this
common-sense regulation that will reduce unnecessary regulatory burden and simplify the landscape
for those who use and make wipes,” said INDA Director of Government Affairs Jessica Franken. 
“INDA urges state officials to implement it as expeditiously as possible,” Franken added. 

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Posted July 30, 2013

Source: INDA