Invista Acquires Ashburn Hill, TECGEN® FR Brands

Invista, Wichita, Kan., has acquired Ashburn Hill Corp., Greenville, including its TECGEN®
flame-resistant (FR) apparel brands and its Angleton, Texas, manufacturing plant.

Tecgen fiber’s patented carbon technology process offers advanced protection against heat and
flame. Blends of Tecgen with other inherently FR fibers can be used to make lightweight, breathable
garments that provide a high level of flame protection and comfort, Invista reports. Tecgen Select®
is an arc-rated, flame- and flash-fire-resistant line of garments for manufacturing,
transportation, mining, oil and gas, and energy utility applications. Tecgen Xtreme® is a National
Fire Protection Association (NFPA)/UL-certified line of lightweight, moisture-repellent clothing
for firefighters involved in wildland and technical rescue operations.

The Tecgen brands will join Invista brands such as CORDURA® in the company’s Performance
Materials business segment.

Ashburn Hill was incorporated in 2006, and Invista first took an interest in the company in
2008, when Jon Heard left Invista to become its CEO. Heard will continue to head the business under
Invista ownership, and Ashburn Hill’s 20 employees in Greenville and Angleton have transitioned
into Invista.


Tecgen Xtreme® apparel for firefighters

May/June 2013