FORMAX Improves Energy Efficiency At UK Production Site

LEICESTER, UK — October 31, 2012 — FORMAX, a leading global manufacturer of carbon fibre and
speciality reinforcements, has taken major steps to improve energy efficiency at the company’s UK
headquarters. The installation of 216 solar panels and the insulation of the production facility’s
roof are part of FORMAX’s on-going commitment to reduce energy consumption and create a more
sustainable manufacturing environment.

The installation process took four weeks to complete without any major disruptions and the
new system went live on the 18th September. Based on initial readings it is estimated the solar
panels will generate around 40,000 kWh per year, equivalent to £12,000 of electricity.

FORMAX anticipate they will use around 75% of the electricity generated and the surplus 25%
will be exported back to the national grid as part of the Government’s ‘Feed-In Tariff’
scheme  that generates solar energy for UK households and businesses.

“As a manufacturer, we are acutely aware of our energy consumption and welcome any measures
that can be taken to improve our efficiencies. This is just the beginning and the process of
monitoring our production methods and output is something we will continue to evaluate”, commented
Oliver Wessely, Managing Director of FORMAX.

Posted on November 5, 2012

Source: Formax