RHL Reports U.S. Investments In Its Calendering And Squeezing Equipment

United Kingdom-based calender roll manufacturer Richard Hough Ltd. (RHL) reports several U.S.
technical nonwovens producers have invested in its calendering and squeezing equipment this year.

Two companies — one in Georgia and one in South Carolina — each have installed two of RHL’s
Syncast™ polyamide-covered calendar rolls on their 230-inch-wide nonwoven geotextile lines. Syncast
rolls and sleeves are made using a highly elastic thermoplastic polymer developed specifically for
textile calender rolls, and are produced on a state-of-the-art centrifugal casting machine. Their
high degree of elasticity ensures minimal surface marking and shape distortion, good runability and
maximum service life, according to RHL. RHL supplies the roll covers in diameters of up to 1.25
meters and in face lengths of up to 7 meters.

RHL also reports a North Carolina-based producer of nonwoven surgical fabrics recently
purchased a second Roberto™ squeezing roll to provide the final squeeze on a 140-inch-wide
hydroentanglement line. Roberto rolls squeeze out liquids from woven, knitted and nonwoven fabrics;
and can provide improved performance compared with conventional rubber or polyurethane rolls,
according to the company. The rolls use a special microporous covering to remove the maximum amount
of liquid from a fabric, and reduce residual moisture by 30 percent compared with conventional
rubber rolls, resulting in substantial cost savings, RHL reports.

RHL’s U.S. representative, Burnsville, N.C.-based Ford Trimble & Associates Inc.,
assisted the company in procuring the contracts.

August 21, 2012