Elbit Vision Systems Ltd. Received 600 Thousand Dollar Orders For Its New Inspection System Designed For Thin Glass Fabrics Used In Smartphones And Tablets

CAESAREA, Israel — August 20, 2012 — Elbit Vision Systems Ltd. (OTCBB:EVSNF), a leading global
supplier of vision inspection and process monitoring systems, unveiled its innovative, new solution
for thin, lightweight glass fabric inspection.

The glass fabric industry, which supplies the key component for printed circuit boards (PCB)
used in virtually all electronics, has recently experienced a product shift towards lighter weight
materials. This move was essential for the industry to better adapt itself to the new products in
the market, such as thinner and more advanced smart phones, tablets, and televisions. Over the last
few months, EVS has developed a unique solution for inspecting this new type of glass fabric during
the production process.

This innovative, new EVS product provides a defect map of the glass fabric, with images, and
creates a detailed report which includes instructions for precise, efficient cutting, maximizing
the yield of the material. EVS, which has already received a number of orders for this product,
expects a substantial increase of business from this market over the next few months, given the
industry wide switch to the new, thin glass fabric.

Sam Cohen, CEO of EVS, commented, “This new solution has given us a significant technical
advantage over our competitors, and positioned EVS as the industry leader in this new, lightweight
glass fabric inspection. The new cameras, which we first presented in September 2011, have allowed
us to fit our product to growing market demands. In this regard, market potential amounts to a few
million USD, and since our solution is quite unique, I believe it will be widely adopted.”

Posted on August 21, 2012

Source: Elbit Vision Systems Ltd.