Dell’Orco & Villani Offers Twin Carding Opener

Dell’Orco & Villani S.r.l., Italy — a maker of fiber blending equipment and machinery and
plants for recycling textile waste materials — now offers the Twin Carding Opener (TCO) fiber
carding and opening machine. The machine features two cylinders that work in tandem as well as a
number of peripheral working rollers; uses 20 percent of the power required for comparable
operations; offers high productivity; and has a low footprint.

The TCO comprises one section featuring two feed rollers with rigid wire clothing, a main
cylinder that can be clothed with rigid wire or supplied with lags and pins, and three working
rollers with rigid wire clothing; and a second featuring a main cylinder and five working rollers,
all with rigid wire clothing. The company reports the different combinations possible for wire
clothing choice, speed options and the distance setting between rollers and main cylinders enable
flexibility in the machine’s applications, allowing opening of a range of nonwovens production
waste. The TCO is available in a 1,500-millimeter (mm) or 1,000-mm working width, and can be fed
manually, or by a chute feed or regular hopper feeder.

May/June 2012