TenCate Grass To Offer HR Technology On XP Blade™

TenCate Grass North America, Dayton, Tenn. — the U.S. operation of the Netherlands-based Royal Ten
Cate NV’s TenCate Grass division — now will provide Heat Reflective (HR) technology as a standard
feature on all TenCate XP Blade™ produced for the U.S. market. The company reports the decision was
prompted by increased demand for temperature-reducing synthetic turf products for sports,
recreation and landscape applications.

Warm, sunny weather can cause temperatures to rise on synthetic turf surfaces. TenCate
Grass’s HR technology reduces the amount of heat that XP Blade turf blades absorb, and in
laboratory tests, has been shown to lower temperatures by 17.5°F, according to the company.

Introduced in 2004, TenCate XP Blade is a polyethylene tape manufactured using TenCate’s
proprietary extrusion process that improves wear resistance and prevents splitting. When played on,
it twists rather than lying flat, retaining evenness and natural ball roll. TenCate reports it also
offers improved tuft bind; holds infill in place better than monofilament yarns; and lasts longer
than other tapes or monofilament yarns. The tape has been installed on more than 3,500 synthetic
turf projects globally, and every field is still in use, TenCate notes. The company offers a new XP
Blade 5-Year Durability Warranty for an additional cost.

March/April 2012