Southern Weaving Acquires Chicago-Based Jones Products

GREENVILLE, S.C. — September 2, 2011 — CEO Ron Mohling announced today that Greenville-based
Southern Weaving Company, manufacturer of narrow webbing, has expanded its manufacturing
capabilities through the acquisition of Jones Products, a company specializing in coatings for
webbing.  This purchase will give Southern Weaving the ability to add value to its
products.  Coatings can enhance the performance of webbing, making it more abrasion-resistant,
durable, waterproof, and cleanable, among other characteristics.

“The former Jones Products has actually been a valued Southern Weaving customer for many
years, and we are pleased to combine forces with them to offer the market coated webbing,” Mohling
said.  Mohling indicated that, within the next few months, the equipment will be transitioned
from the Chicago area to Southern Weaving’s Anderson, South Carolina facility.  Darryl King,
Anderson plant manager, will lead the transition team.  Some key personnel from the former
Jones Products will relocate to South Carolina, and Southern Weaving anticipates adding up to six
new employees as the coating business grows.

Southern Weaving has been in business since 1924 and has led the launch of technical textiles
into many arenas, from brakepads for the Model T Ford, to composite layers for the shell of
inflatable space structures.  Its operation includes manufacturing facilities in Greenville,
S.C., Anderson, S.C., and Collingwood Canada.  The company makes narrow webbing that serves
various markets such as industrial slings, fall protection body harnesses, sporting equipment, and
hydraulic hose sleeves.  The coating capability will add value in those current markets, and
allow Southern Weaving to enter some new markets.

For more information, contact CEO Ron Mohling:

Phone: 864-672-2383

Alternate phone: 864-233-1635

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Posted on September 20, 2011

Source: Southern Weaving