TenCate Secures Italian Order For TenCate Defender™ M Fabric

ALMELO, The Netherlands — April 5, 2011 — TenCate Protective Fabrics EMEA has secured an initial
order from the Italian manufacturer Aero Sekur S.p.A (Aprilia, Italy) for the delivery of
inherently fire-resistant TenCate Defender™ M fabric to the Italian ‘Soldier of the Future’
programme (Forza Nec). The aim of this programme is to modernize the equipment of the Italian

This contract from Italy is the result of intensive collaboration within European frameworks.
TenCate Defender™ M fabric was selected for optimizing the Battle Dress Uniform of the Italian
infantry. Aero Sekur is also responsible for developing the CBRN equipment and the over-garments in
the programme. The total ‘Forza Nec’ programme includes a wide range of protective equipment, for
which TenCate will now supply the fabric for the battle dress uniforms for the first 600 or more


Ramon Overdijk, Marketing & Sales Director at TenCate Protective Fabrics EMEA, explains:
“Fire-resistant TenCate Defender™ M proved to be the decisive factor during the wide-ranging
selection by the Italian Ministry of Defence of a fabric that is both fire-resistant and
comfortable, so lightweight. TenCate is able to provide the fabric in a variety of camouflage
patterns or supply it in several solid colours. This makes the fabric versatile in its use for the
protection of several branches of the armed forces, such as the army, special units, air force and

Breathable and comfortable

TenCate and fibre producer Lenzing from Austria have combined their knowledge of the
development and production of fire-resistant fabrics based on fibres that are inherently
fire-resistant and comfortable to wear. Lenzing FR® fibre is a key ingredient of TenCate Defender™
M fabrics. Ramon Overdijk adds: “Unlike other fire-resistant fibres, this fibre offers inherently
fire-resistant properties, while also being able to absorb moisture. This combination makes the
fabric breathable and comfortable.”

Standard fabric

In the United States TenCate Defender™ M fabrics have been selected as the standard
fabric for the fire-resistant battle dress uniforms that are worn by the US Army and the US Marine
Corps. Outside the US, TenCate Protective Fabrics supplies this inherently fire-resistant fabric to
a number of countries, including the Norwegian Army. In addition to its military applications,
TenCate Defender™ M is also supplied for special squads of the police. 

Posted on April 11, 2011

Source: Royal Ten Cate