Xerium Technologies Unveils Advanced Rolls Product Series

RALEIGH, N.C. — Mar 7, 2011 — Xerium Technologies, Inc., a leading global manufacturer of
industrial textiles and rolls used primarily in the paper production process, today announced full
commercial availability of a technologically advanced new series of roll cover products designed
for improved machine performance, better wear and longer, more efficient product life. The latest
range of roll cover products are designed to reduce operational costs and maximize the output of
existing equipment, while enhancing product customization capabilities for each individual

Roll covers, which are used to coat the large machine cylinders that transport raw paper
along the lengthy belts while the paper is formed, pressed, and dried, are critical to the quality
of paper as it is produced. With this latest series of advanced technology roll covers, Xerium
continues to work with its paper manufacturing customers to maximize output and reduce operational

“We continue to work very closely with our customers to advance the technology of paper
manufacturing by enabling greater efficiency, leaner inventories, and lower costs,” said Stephen R.
Light, President, Chief Executive Officer and Chairman. “The high-ROI class of products that we’re
developing is in direct response to manufacturers’ demands for higher performance at lower costs.”

Developed by Stowe Woodward’s global research and product engineering team, the latest family
of roll cover products from Xerium include:

Quantum R and Aquarius R: Quantum R and Aquarius R covers incorporate high release
additives into high performance polyurethane covers. Utilizing these special formulas, Stowe
Woodward has taken polyurethane roll covers to new performance levels in sheet release and
non-stick applications. Combined with Stowe Woodward’s SMART(R) Technology, Quantum R and Aquarius
R provide the ultimate value to machine operations giving on-the-run nip profile data for maximum
papermaking efficiency. Designed for paper machine pressing applications, Quantum R provides
superior release performance in soft press, smoothing press, and calendar positions. The unique
surface properties of Quantum R can release the sheet when other polyurethane or high release
rubber covers fail to perform. Aquarius R provides the ultimate cover release surface for
Lumpbreakers and other extra soft sheet release cover applications. Combining high release
additives to the natural superior release characteristics of Aquarius polyurethane, Aquarius R
covers are a level above all others.

Embrace: Embrace polyurethane roll covers deliver superior performance in tissue
embossing, paper converting, laminating, film, textile and other industrial applications. Embrace
is manufactured with the most advanced manufacturing methods and material science. This cool
running high-strength cover will run in the toughest high speed applications. When additional
insurance is required against abuse and failure, Embrace can be supplied with Stowe Woodward’s
superior Lifegard bonding system.

Posted on March 8, 2011

Source: Xerium Technologies Inc.