Safety And Technical Products’ New Name Reflects High-Tech Growth

ROSEVILLE, Minn. — December 3, 2010 — IFAI’s Safety and Protective Products Division has announced
a strategic name change to better position it in the world of technical products made with
specialty fabrics — an industry that is seeing tremendous diversification and growth

The new name and logo, Safety and Technical Products (S+TP), represents members from a new,
much wider technical marketplace. According to Managing Director Ruth Stephens, “Frankly we had
outgrown our original name and mission. The division will continue to include technical fabric
applications for safety, since that is its history.” 

Stephens says that there are no other exclusively textile-based safety organizations, but the
traditional safety market has evolved to include many other aspects of technical textiles. The
phrase “technical products” has a broad definition and can cover technologies and products involved
in the entire market chain, including products for medical, recreation, aerospace, and interactive
textiles — areas which may not consider themselves as safety or protective products. 

“The mission of Safety and Technical Products is to be the preeminent resource for personal
and property protection, for interactive and medical textile markets,” Stephens says, adding that
the commonality for this broader membership base will be highly engineered technical textile
solutions for hazard mitigation, monitoring, and healthcare. 

“By emphasizing textile attributes such as IR reflectance, EMI shielding, or conductivity,”
she says, “the focus of the division will incorporate many different market areas. For example, EMI
is an attribute utilized in aerospace, medical and safety.”

Stephens points out that current trends in the safety and protective area include fabrics
that provide comfort and manage moisture, yet remain lightweight and flexible. “In the past, safety
and protective apparel has often been bulky, confining and uncomfortable,” Stephens said, “And many
of the fibers, fabrics and technologies developed for the military/law enforcement textile markets
are also being applied to other safety and protective clothing market segments, such as specialty
sports and motorcycle gear. 

“This includes the use of smart/responsive materials and nanotechnology to improve and add
performance. These technologies allow fabrics to thermoregulate, and regulate the atmospheric
comfort zone next to the skin, controlling temperature and dryness,” she said. 

Safety and Textile Products also serves as a conduit for national and international linkages
and emerging market areas such as interactive textiles, and e-textiles which represent a $2.1B
market for systems which sense/monitor, warm or cool, illuminate, and conduct. The medical textile
market in the U.S. alone is about $8B, with 75% of this nonwovens and 25% knits or wovens. 

Safety and Textile Products recently held its biennial conference,
“The 7th International Conference on Safety and Protective Fabrics — Textiles for Extreme
at IFAI Expo Americas 2010 in Orlando. Read the complete show recap in
Specialty Fabrics Review magazine.  Safety and Textile Products also announced the
winners of its
“7th Annual Safety and Protective Student Design Challenge.”

For more information about Safety and Technical Products, please contact Ruth Stephens at, visit, or “Interest Groups” on

Posted on December 21, 2010

Source: IFAI