Precision Textiles Debuts EnVision

Totowa, N.J.-based Precision Textiles — a division of Precision Custom Coatings LLC, a
manufacturer of nonwoven, coated and laminated fabrics for apparel, automotive, healthcare, home
furnishings, filtration, footwear and bedding applications, among others — has introduced
EnVision, a laminated composite product that combines ticking fabric with a flame-resistant (FR)
barrier, thereby eliminating the need for quilting, and offering a more economical option to
mattress manufacturers. Precision reports the lamination method enables the FR barrier to move in
conjunction with the ticking and exhibit good stretch and recovery; and the FR adhesive used is
soft, stretchable and durable.

According to Precision Textiles’ Industrial Business Manager Keith Martin, the company
created the line to fulfill the increasing demand by mattress manufacturers for cleaner-looking
mattress borders that better contrast with mattress panels, compared with traditional solutions.
“We designed EnVision to create the perfect blending of ticking and fiber (FR and Non FR) for use
in non-quilted borders or tops of bed panels, providing a soft, supple feel, along with a smooth,
sophisticated look,” he said.

November 9, 2010