IFAI Advanced Textiles Conference Well Received

The Advanced Textiles Conference 2008, organized by the Roseville, Minn.-based Industrial Fabrics
Association International (IFAI) and held recently in Berlin, brought together close to 100
attendees from 14 countries for what IFAI described as a “lively international forum.” Networking
was encouraged as attendees took the opportunity to explore new cooperative and strategic
entrepreneurial possibilities; and speakers, seminars and exhibits covered a range of topics
including nanotechnology, sustainability, architectural and lightweight structures, smart textiles,
and trade. Attendees from companies large and small all shared information about technologies and
innovations in spirited exchanges with one another.

A survey of the attendees indicated a high degree of satisfaction with conference topics and
quality, according to Stephen Warner, IFAI president. “We appreciate the positive response from the
audience and the supporting associations. They have endorsed holding this meeting forum on a
regular basis and developing it further,” he said.

“IFAI will announce its plans for the Advanced Textiles Conference 2009 in the coming
months,” Warner continued, noting that possible venues include Frankfurt, among other potential
sites in Europe, North America and Asia.

July/August 2008