ProcterandGamble Donates Patents To Clemson University

ProcterandGamble DonatesPatents To Clemson UniversityProcterandGamble (P and G), Cincinnati, has donated its proprietary Capillary Channel Film and Fiber (CCF) technology to Clemson University, Clemson, S.C. By creating grooves in fibers and films, the new micro-capillary technology could make materials feel drier next to the body. The technology may also add benefits to feminine hygiene products, baby diapers, acoustical insulation, air-filtration systems and wound-care dressings.The technology donation includes rights to 10 U.S. patents and 84 foreign and pending patents, as well as all intellectual property from CCF development.According to Clemson, the pairing of the P and G patents with existing Clemson patents to successfully commercialize CCF technology could result in annual sales of fibers and films in excess of half a billion dollars. The university would benefit from royalties on product sales. We are thrilled that Clemson will be able to continue the development of this significant technology, said Al Dierckes, director, Baby Care Technology Division, P and G. It presents a real-life laboratory for Clemson students to further develop and commercialize a promising technology that can lead to a new source of funding for the university.Dierckes said P and G chose Clemson because of its research strength in the field of films and fibers, as well as its excellent track record in taking a technology from the workbench to the workplace.February 2002