Modern Meadow: Pioneer In Biofabrication Designs The ZOA™ Collection

NUTLEY, N.J. — March 2, 2021 — Created for both the eco-minded and design conscious, ZOA™ is a collection of biofabricated materials that give brands an opportunity to reinvent or launch their products with function and sustainability. Designed by Modern Meadow, a pioneer in biofabrication technologies, ZOA is animal-free and made to have a positive impact on climate change.

“Biofabrication has the potential to change the way we produce products in many industries moving forward,” said Modern Meadow Co-founder and CEO Andras Forgacs. “To be able to create animal-free goods with this quality and durability can completely eliminate our needs for animal-derived products”

ZOA integrates a range of unique technologies to deliver enhanced sustainability and material performance. In the creation of ZOA, proteins-nature’s building blocks-are derived from plants and are engineered based on the desired ZOA functionality. Every material in the ZOA family is molecularly tuned for enhanced sustainability and performance. This makes ZOA an ideal alternative for brands looking to move away from animal-based products. and minimize fossil fuel inputs without sacrificing performance.

ZOA is also able to introduce color to materials in a liquid state where dyes chemically bind directly to the proteins. Not only does this allow for deeper colors and superior colorfastness, but ZOA’s unique solution-dyeing process also yields zero residual waste. Proteins are then combined with bio-based polymers to create Bio-Alloys™, ZOA’s new to the world proprietary creation, which maximizes material performance and reduces petrochemical content by more than 50% compared to conventional man-made materials.

ZOA’s first premium material is inspired by leather but leads a new class of biofabricated materials: materials assembled with biological building blocks to yield new structural and functional properties. ZOA has 80-percent lower carbon footprint than leather and 25-percent lower than man-made leathers. ZOA is abrasion-resistant, water-resistant, and retains flexibility for optimal performance and vibrant color over time and wear.

Posted March 2, 2021

Source: Modern Meadow