TOLSA Announces Viricidal Activity For ADINS® Protection Series Of Additives

MADRID, Spain — October 16, 2020 — TOLSA — a company involved in the extraction, treatment and commercialization of mineral solutions — has announced that its biocidal additives, ADINS® Protection range, demonstrate viricidal activity.

The COVID-19 crisis has posed health challenges to society and precautionary activities such as hygiene and disinfection have gained unprecedented importance, influencing markets and enhancing new advantages related to ADINS Protection Series additives.

TOLSA reports that ADINS Protection S10 has shown to be highly active against all enveloped viruses including coronavirus type, along with norovirus, rotavirus, and adenovirus, according to the EN 14476 standard.

These tests conducted by an independent international external laboratory have confirmed that ADINS Protection S10 reduces the viral load by up to 99.99 percent in both short and long periods. ADINS Protection not only shows viricidal activity, but also bactericide, fungicide, and algicide activity.

TOLSA’s biocidal silver-based products present, due to its stability, a high antimicrobial activity at lower dosages. In addition, these products allow an optimal dispersion into the matrix in which they are incorporated.

ADINS Protection is a powder solution that can be used in different formulations for applications such as construction, plastics and rubbers, textiles, and paints and coatings.

Posted October 20, 2020

Source: Tolsa