Synalloy Introduces Manawet V-8 Surfactant

CLEVELAND, Tenn. — The Materials Science Group at Synalloy recently developed a new surfactant that is one of its most versatile products to date. Manawet V-8 is a 100-percent active blended surfactant that is highly stable both to caustic and strong acids. Its stability has been demonstrated in a number of demanding applications where it was effective at pH 12 in the presence of caustic and amines, then then later in the same process in a high concentration of sulfuric. Manawet V-8 has a high cloud point, is low foaming, has excellent emulsification and detergency properties and is economical.

Manawet V-8 has been used in textiles as a replacement for a number of process chemicals because it is stable to both acids and alkali. It is an excellent choice for peroxide bleaching and as a pre-scour, and as an after rinse. Because Manawet does not foam excessively it can be used in jet machines.

Outside textiles, Manawet V-8 has been used as a primary surfactant and as a surface cleaner additive to lower foam and stabilize other surfactants. It has also found application in acid cleaning systems.

Posted August 25, 2020

Source: Synalloy Chemicals