Oerlikon Neumag Launches BCF S8 At DOMOTEX

Germany-based Oerlikon Neumag introduced the BCF S8 at the recent DOMOTEX 2019 carpet and floor coverings exhibition. The company reports the bulk continuous filament spinning technology can simultaneously spin up to 700 filaments per yarn end and produce fine titers of up to 2.5 denier per filament at speeds of up to 3,700 meters per minute based on winding speed. This results in throughputs of up to 15 percent more than previous technologies. The company also reports energy savings of up to 5 percent per kilogram of yarn are achievable. Oerlikon Neumag’s previous-generation technology, the S+ BCF system produced up to 400 filaments per yarn end. The BCF S8 also features a new human-machine interface-based control system for intelligent control and monitoring.

“We have succeeded in achieving a new level of greater productivity and even broader product diversity,” said Martin Rademacher, vice president, sales. “These allow our clientèle to better cater to changing market requirements and achieve a competitive edge in tough market conditions.”

January/February 2019