Loepfe’s WeftMaster CUT-iT

Switzerland-based Loepfe Brothers Ltd. has launched the WeftMaster CUT-iT digital thermal cutting control unit to complement its WeftMaster TC-1S hot wire cutter. According to the company, CUT-iT controls the temperature of the cutting wire to the necessary melting point to separate the fabric without burning and produce a high-quality selvage. The WeftMaster cutters often are used during woven fabric ribbon production, among other applications.

Intelligent control maintains a constant cutting temperature during use, and boost mode ensures the cutter reaches the required temperature as fast as possible. If the machine stops, the control unit immediately puts the cutting unit on stand-by. One CUT-iT unit can control up to four hot wire cutters at full power.

In addition, as many as 10 user-defined settings can be combined with the predefined settings.

“The feature of storing lot settings results in the direct benefit of reproducible quality and the easy and timesaving processing of new orders”, said Luc Vanoverschelde, product manager at Loepfe.

May/June 2018