FluxData Releases SpectraNova™ D8-M2 Spectrophotometer

Rochester, N.Y.-based FluxData Inc. has introduced the SpectraNova™ D8-M2 spectrophotometer for challenging industrial environments. “The robust nature of this product allows for it to be placed within a production line, made up of existing machinery, and do its job both rapidly and reliably,” said Pano Spiliotis, CEO, FluxData.

The unit’s measurement head is sealed with an easy-to-clean sapphire window to protect the integrating sphere from contaminants and potential damage on the plant floor. The measurement head on the small footprint system weighs less than 1 pound, and may be placed virtually anywhere on the production line. The supporting electronics are housed in a separate enclosure.

Measurements are reported using a machine-to-machine interface to eliminate operator error, and the SpectraNova D8-M2 may be integrated with existing systems and manufacturing lines. According to the company, the spectrophotometer features 8° diffuse geometry, offers reflectance and CIE colorimetric data output, rapid measurement cycles of less than 150 milliseconds and requires minimal maintenance.

January/February 2018