AIS Gauging Introduces Its Gemini FWM: Non-Traversing Array Web Inspection And Thickness Or Weight Measurement System

TERRE HAUTE, Ind. — December 26, 2017 — AIS Gauging announces its new Gemini Full Width Measurement system for the web industries. The Gemini FWM system brings a completely new measurement approach that gives an entirely new perspective to product quality. This unique non-traversing x-ray array measurement system combines web inspection and web gauging into a single platform for full-width, instantaneous, 100-percent product inspection and measurement without electromechanical scanners that sample just a fraction of the total product. The Gemini system starts measuring at the product’s surface and continues through the entire material to construct and analyze a complete picture of quality.

The system is a non-scanning, non-contact, full-width measurement array platform utilizing multiple x-ray sources and receivers. Gemini’s x-ray technology is able to immediately detect, display and report non-visible defects that are embedded within the product using high-speed, continuous measurement that can detect defects down to <1 millimeter.

The system includes intuitive quality maps that show data in a video format, including 3-D analysis software, so that defects both on the surface and within the product can be quickly identified for later removal. Real-time displays and alarms show defect sizes and their location for easy downstream removal. Defect information is captured, categorized and saved locally and can be exported and archived for further analysis.

With instantaneous thickness or weight measurement, the Gemini FWM system offers the ultimate in high-speed quality visibility without data filtering or measurement delays as experienced with conventional scanning equipment. Gemini’s instantaneous true weight or thickness measurement is processed with ultra-fast high-resolution, to provide a “never-seen-before” insight into quality. This level of performance brings a new dimension to web product measurement and advanced control capability. Current applications include fiberglass insulation, rubber tires and TPO roofing with more to follow.

AIS Gauging is a recognized industry leader in web gauging technologies, providing its customers with the most advanced, precise quality measurements for thickness, coat weight, basis weight, moisture and web inspection.

Posted December 27, 2017

Source: AIS Gauging