Machine Operation Gets Close To Child’s Play With The Monforts Qualitex 800

MONCHENGLADBACH, Germany — August 14, 2017 — The latest Qualitex 800 control system from Monforts is available on line to make operation of the company’s finishing machines ‘childs play’

Access to the internet is turning everyone into an instant handyman and when a job around the house needs doing, YouTube is the place to go to for demonstrations and instructions from experts, just as Wikipedia has become the default source for information.

Previous obstacles to knowledge such as language and access to specialist manuals are fast disappearing as a result.

The same instant connectivity and easy distribution of know-how is changing the face of industrial manufacturing, making the operation of complex machinery much simpler and cutting down the required training periods, while at the same time, reducing the chance of human error.

This is certainly the case with the latest Qualitex 800 control system which has been introduced by Monforts to make operation of its finishing machines as close to ‘child’s play’ as is possible.

This highly advanced system is available for the automatic and continuous operation of the company’s Montex stenters, Thermex and E-Control continuous dyeing ranges, Monfortex and Toptex shrinking systems and Eco Applicator and texCoat coating units.

Familiar Features

The Qualitex 800 has all the intuitive features operators will be familiar with from touchscreen smart phones and tablets to make navigation extremely easy and cut down the time required for becoming familiar with the system.

Operation is via touchscreen and wheel effect selection and the dashboard can be individually configured to meet the exact needs of an operator’s tasks.

All parameters for setting up a machine — the working width, the chamber temperatures, drive selections and energy settings — can be pre-selected to a comprehensive range of stored and well-proven recipes specific to the weight, construction and fibre content of the individual fabric being processed.

The machine can then be set to ‘Monformatic Mode’ to allow it to operate automatically, based on maximized pre-set values in respect of parameters such as machine speed, fabric dwell time and the fixation temperature for specific finishing operations.

A series of checks and balances has been built in for both the machine and the operator, with actual performance constantly compared to the pre-set values and compensatory measures introduced either automatically or by simple manual intervention.

All machine parameters are stored for further evaluation and the creation of historic trend charts and any potential problems are flagged up by instant alarms for later performance analysis.

If a problem occurs that is serious enough to lead to a potential downtime in production, more help is at hand via the Monforts Teleservice portal. With this service, companies can enter into internet conferences with Monforts specialists in Germany, with video, audio, chat or whiteboard problem solving available, and all documentation in respect of operation, maintenance and wiring diagrams can be accessed.

If necessary, the E-CAD drawings and the spare parts catalogue can also be remotely consulted and a camera can be called up at any time for remote visualization of the individual machine and its parts.

Cost Comparisons

The Monforts Teleservice also allows operating data to be acquired for historic analysis and production batch comparisons, with a nine-parameter cost breakdown allowing mills to carry out highly accurate financial forecasting and keep a tight rein on costs.

With the Qualitex 800 and Monforts Teleservice all data and communication can also be accessed away from the mill too, via common mobile devices, as components in an overall service intended to very rapidly and efficiently turn machine operators into experts and allow for uninterrupted, trouble-free production.

Posted August 15, 2017

Source: Monforts