Impression Technology Introduces ThermTX Rotary Heat Press Calender

SYDNEY, Australia — July 25, 2017 — Impression Technology under its brand name ThermTX is pleased to announce the release of the new ThermTX 44-inch rotary 3-in-1 rotary heat press calender.

The ThermTX 44-inch calender is a truly affordable and an easy-to-use rotary press for a broad range of textile applications. Fully featured and delivering three-in-one capabilities including roll-to-roll, cut-piece and dye fixing for direct-to-textile, the ThermTX 44 offers capabilities unheard of at this price point.

The new ThermTX calender uses solid steel construction with a 7.8-inch (200 millimeter) drum for fast and efficient transfers. Heat is controlled with advanced heat sensors which maintain consistent temperature and also facilitates an automated cool down system. The roll feed and take-up system has three mandrels for feeding and three mandrels for take-up. The media system includes a material centring system for quickly loading the calender for production. Further the unit is totally self-contained and does not need air. Unlike other units, a fixed table for imaging piece goods and sports apparel along with a catch bin for piece parts is included with the ThermTX 44.

According to Stephen Richardson of Impression Technology, “The 44-inch dye sub market has experienced tremendous growth and we have had many users approach us about offering a 44-inch calender which could meet the needs of both beginners and professionals. In fact, the designers of the ThermTX 44 used focus groups to ensure the unit was not only easy-to-use for those just starting, but also sported the most advanced features required by sophisticated and demanding users. This unit is positioned perfectly for the 44-inch dye sub market and offers incredible value and bundling opportunities with entry level sublimation printer hardware.”

Posted July 25, 2017

Source: Impression Technology