TMI Introduces Enhanced Thickness Testers

NEWCASTLE, Del. — February 27, 2017 — Testing Machines Inc. (TMI), an industrial physics company, has just released new versions of its affordable digital micrometer series for accurately testing thickness of very thin materials such as plastic films, paper, non-woven, textiles, board and battery separators. TMI’s thickness tester line have long been acknowledged as the industry leading instruments for measuring the thickness or caliper of a variety of sheet-like materials. Almost any material including paper, natural or synthetic fabrics, leathers, metals, plastics and rubber can be measured with precision and ease.

The new enhancements apply to two TMI models, the 49-86 and 49-87, and include advanced diagnostics and reporting functions, including:

  • Capability of measuring and storing multiple readings, providing a cross machine profile
  • Ability to save up to 100 readings during a continuous measurement
  • Test summary screen displays high, low, average and standard deviation for every series
  • The 49-86 and 49-87 have the following specifications
  • Range: Model 49-86: 0-0.050 in. (0-1.27 mm); Model 49-87: 0-0.50 in. (0-12.7 mm)
  • Resolution (both units): 0.5 micron (0.02 mil)
  • Accuracy: Model 49-86: 1.0 micron (0.039 mil); Model 49-87: 5.0 micron (.197 mil)
  • Integrating GraphMaster PC-based software provides data collection, plotting and analysis with export capabilities for our 49-85, 49-86 and 49-87 series of Digital Micrometers. GraphMaster can profile a series of measurements creating a real-time plot of thickness versus interval, or distance.

Posted February 28, 2017

Source: Testing Machines Inc.