Wacker Introduces WETSOFT® NE 750 Softener

Germany-based Wacker Chemie AG has introduced WETSOFT® NE 750 softener for textile use. According to the company, the silicone fluid formula improves the softness of the textile while also retaining the ability to absorb water — a property that is desired in finished goods such as towels.

Wetsoft NE 750 is comprised of block copolymers based on aminofunctional silicones and polyglycol. The fluid silicone segments form free-moving loops on the outside of a fabric to reduce friction between fibers, whereas the polyglycol segments render the silicone finish permeable to water. Wacker reports that testing shows textiles treated with Wetsoft NE 750 have a soft and pleasing hand.

The product is sold in a water-free concentrate form. It is self-emulsifying and may be diluted with water in a ratios between 1:1 and 1:5 to form a stable emulsion. It is suitable for finishing both cotton fabrics and polyester blends.

July/August 2016