New Autoconer 6 From Schlafhorst

Germany-based Schlafhorst recently introduced the Autoconer 6 automatic package winder. The company promotes the triple added value aspects of E3 — energy, economics and ergonomics.

According to the company, energy consumption is reduced by 20 percent through the use of unique innovations. The key factor contributing to the reduced energy consumption is the Eco-Drum-Drive System in the self-adjusting winding unit. The machine’s SmartCycle and intelligent vacuum system work on a power on demand basis and create a vacuum only as required, which can lighten the energy demand between yarn end pick-up cycles.

Schlafhorst also reports the Autoconer 6 achieves a double-digit increase in productivity through the Speedster FX module and SmartJet function.

Autoconer 6 comes packed with additional features including intelligent sensor technology, SmartSplicer technologies, VarioReserve, Intelligent Bobbin Sharing, high-speed feeding and X-Change doffer technology among other features.

March/April 2016