AATCC Offers High Efficiency Detergent 

RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK, N.C. — April 7, 2016 — Standard testing requires standard materials. Now, AATCC offers a standard laundry detergent specifically for use with high-efficiency (HE) washing machines.

HE Detergent for HE Machines

AATCC Standard Reference HE Liquid Detergent is designed for use in HE washing machines. Since 2010, AATCC Monograph 6, Standardization of Home Laundry Test Methods (www.aatcc.org/test/methods/m6), includes specifications for HE washing machines, in both front-loading and top-loading platforms. Several test labs have adopted HE machines, to reduce water and energy use, to reflect consumer preferences, or simply because HE machines are more readily available.

These machines use significantly less water than traditional agitator machines, and a different cleansing action. This requires a different detergent. HE detergents, including the new AATCC HE detergent, allow complete cleaning with reduced suds. The American Cleaning Institute explains that excess suds are not just an inconvenience; they can reduce cleaning performance, extend wash time, and leave residue on washed specimens. All these factors can lead to false or inconsistent test results. Over time, excess suds can even cause damage to the washing machine.

Representative Formula

AATCC HE detergent also has all the advantages of AATCC’s other standard detergents. It is formulated to have the cleaning power of an “average” consumer HE detergent. This means the results you see in the lab are likely to match the results an end-product consumer sees at home. No false passes from using a high-end detergent in the lab.

Consistent Production

The recipe is the same for each lot of AATCC HE detergent. Standard detergent is one less variable to worry about during testing. You can count on closely-monitored consistency—every season, in every location. No need to worry about the impact of new formulas, scents, or additives on you test results.

Optical Brightener Options

For colorfastness testing, the optical brighteners present in most detergents can interfere with specimen evaluation. AATCC standard reference detergents without optical brightener (WOB) let you assess color change due to the test procedure, without the added influence of brighteners. This makes it easier to determine whether a particular dye or process is suitable for your product. AATCC detergents are also available with brighteners for general appearance evaluations or other tests where it may be important to replicate the end-product consumer’s laundering experience.

Cost-effective Solution

Because HE detergent is more concentrated, you get more for your money. Each 3.5-gallon bucket of AATCC HE detergent is enough for more than 300 loads. Traditional AATCC standard reference powder contains about 165 doses per bucket.

Posted April 7, 2016

Source: AATCC