New 75 Weight Polyester Embroidery Thread From Madeira USA

LACONIA, N.H. — June 3, 2015 — Feeling the push from the market to enable embroiderers to go smaller and more detailed in the logos they produce, Madeira has brought 75 weight embroidery thread to market. The newest weight in its 100-percent polyester Polyneon line, #75 is available in 40 solid colors. All colors come on yellow plastic Mini Snap Cones in put-ups of 2,734 yards, while black and white are available on 10,936-yard cones. The yellow color core is meant to easily differentiate the thread from other weights when storing or on a machine.
“This is the thinnest polyester embroidery thread on the market,” explains Madeira USA President Shirley Clark. “It was created in Germany to fulfill a demand by fashion houses in Europe for fine filigree work and to attach sequins. It functions much like 60 weight, but is capable of producing even smaller lettering and amazingly clear details.”
The new Polyneon #75 can stand up to commercial laundering that contains bleach, just like the #40 and #60 weight threads in Madeira’s Polyneon line up. In order to support the recommended needle for best performance, Madeira USA has added a #60/8 needle to its line of commercial embroidery needles. This stainless steel needle leaves a smaller hole when it punches through the garment, in keeping with the minute detail that is made possible by the thin thread. Needles are available in all 13 Madeira USA locations.
See available colors of Madeira’s #75 weight (Item #936-) on color card #100-82. The new #60/8 needles are available in both Sharp and Ballpoint versions, in boxes of 100 and trays of 10. Item numbers for the needles are: #60/8 Ballpoint 100 per box, #102-60-B; tray of 10 #102-60-BT; #60/8 Sharp 100 per box, #102-60-S; tray of 10 #102-60-ST.

Posted June 9, 2015

Source: Madeira USA