X-Rite Debuts Ci4200 Spectrophotometer

X-Rite Inc., Grand Rapids, Mich., has introduced the Ci4200 compact benchtop spectrophotometer for
color measurement of coatings, textiles, plastics and other materials. 

Data generated by the machine can be shared and integrated with databases on similarly
equipped X-Rite spectrophotometers to allow historical data to be used in conjunction with newly
recorded data. Optional ultraviolet capability makes it suitable for measuring textiles and other
materials containing optical brightening agents.

The Ci4200 is compatible with X-Rite SP6x handheld historical data, and may be integrated
with industrial software such as Color iQC, Color iMatch and InkFormulation. The machine also is
NetProfiler 3.0-enabled and supports embedded profiling. 

Other features include: a 31-point color engine and Spectralon sphere for accurate color
measurement; two-second simultaneous specular component included/excluded (SCI/ SCE) measurements;
horizontal or vertical testing surface; small benchtop size; LED membrane for status and operation
feedback with remote trigger; and sample targeting and viewing using the sample arm.

July/August 2013