[TC]2’s 3-D Scanners Collect Data For BVI

[TC]2, Cary, N.C., reports Select Research Ltd., United Kingdom, is using [TC]2 3-D scanners and
software to generate a Body Volume Index (BVI) for healthcare applications. The process involves
measuring human body shape in 3-D to generate a BVI, which allows for calculation of weight and fat
distribution. The current manual Body Mass Index (BMI) takes into account only height and weight.

Scanners embedded with BVI software will be sold to hospitals, walk-in centers and private
surgeries to create a network of scanners. A BVI remote system will enable scanning in other
non-hospital locations, and will have the potential to deliver data for collection globally on a
scale similar to that now offered by BMI.

“The new BVI body shape reference model has the potential to modernize and improve data
collection of measurements in healthcare and offers patients a better indicator of potential health
risks in the future,” said Mike Fralix, president and CEO, [TC]2.

July/August 2013