GERBERcutter® GTxL Wide Now Available

Gerber Technology, Tolland, Conn., now offers its GERBERcutter® GTxL automated cutting system in a
wide version that cuts materials up to 2.2 meters wide and is suitable for fashion knitwear,
specialty technical textiles and furniture applications.

The Gerbercutter GTxL Wide is a low-ply conveyorized system that can cut up to 2.5
centimeters of compressed material using Gerber’s reciprocating knife technology. Features include
a powerful vacuum system with variable regulation to create material stability during cutting; and
a cutting head that can be fitted with up to two optional drills. Also available are a knife
chiller to keep the blade cool during cutting, and a lateral travel kit that moves the cutter among
multiple spreading tables.

November/December 2012