SATO Introduces ECONANO® Labels: The World’s First CO2 Reducing Label

CHARLOTTE — January 25, 2012 — SATO, a leader in barcode printing, labeling and EPC/RFID solutions
announced today the release of its new ECONANO® series of labels; labels that absorb and reduce the
CO2 that is released into the atmosphere when labels are incinerated.

This pioneering technology is made possible through a special CO2 absorbent being added to
the label’s adhesive. This absorbent reduces the amount of CO2 released at the point of
incineration by over 20% compared with conventional labels. Moreover, by combining ECONANO®
technology with SATO’s NONSEPA® linerless label series, it is possible to achieve an approximate
50% reduction in CO2 emissions at the time of incineration.

ECONANO® was developed by the SATO Group in collaboration with Professor Masahiko Abe of the
Tokyo University of Science, and the University’s venture company, ACTiiVE.

“Reducing carbon emissions is a challenge for all businesses today,” said Etsuo Fujii,
President of SATO CORPORATION. “But the cutting-edge technology SATO employs in its ECONANO® series
labels offers our customers a helping-hand in achieving their environmental targets, and provides
them with solutions beneficial to all levels of consumer goods product identification and supply
chain labeling.”

Posted on February 1, 2012

Source: Sato America Inc.