Sensor Products Introduces Sigma-Nip® V 2.2

Sensor Products Inc., Madison, N.J., has updated its Sigma-Nip® electronic nip analysis system for
measuring nip width on textile, pulp and paper, printing and converting rolls. Sigma-Nip Version
2.2 can operate in temperatures up to 300°F, pressures up to 10,000 pounds per square inch and high
moisture environments. New electronic hardware includes sensor and casing materials that can
withstand repeated use in demanding environments. Easy-to-use diagnostic software updates in real
time as pressure adjustments are made. Nip profiles may be viewed in several software formats.

Sigma-Nip is offered in the standard version as well as the Mini Sigma-Nip, which can be used
with rollers that have smaller circumferences or with larger hard roller sets that have small
contact areas.

September/October 2011