New Sullair Air Treatment Products Enhance Performance And Efficiency Of Sullair Systems

MICHIGAN CITY, Ind. — August 3, 2011 — Today’s sophisticated compressed air applications demand
increasingly higher quality clean and dry air. In response, Sullair Corporation is pleased to
introduce a new line of air treatment products, integral to the Sullair compressed air system.
Designed to meet the demand for oil-free or instrument quality compressed air, the typical Sullair
Stationary Air Power System consists of a Sullair rotary screw air compressor, a wet storage tank,
a refrigerated or regenerative dryer, customized filters, dry storage and a flow controller.
Completing the system are oil/water separator and drains, and ethernet-based eConnect™ to monitor
and control the entire system. Each component of the Sullair system is carefully matched for
capacity and pressure to provide superior performance and optimum energy efficiency.

Sullair’s air treatment products

Depending on the application and dew point requirements, Sullair offers both
refrigerated and desiccant regenerative types. Refrigerated dryers are available in four different
configurations, including non-cycling models, digital cycling models, cycling models, and high
temperature models. Sullair desiccant regenerative dryers, ideally suited for outdoor compressed
air piping or operations that require dew points as low as -40°F (optional -100°F), are available
in four different configurations: modular, heatless, externally heated, and blower purge.

Designed to protect plant equipment and processes while improving product quality and energy
costs, Sullair offers a complete range of filters, for applications covering a wide range of uses
from general purpose to the most critical levels of food and pharmaceuticals. Sullair filtration
equipment includes pre-filters, high-efficiency, high pressure, high temperature and odor-removal
filters and ISO 8573.1 quality classes (ASME/CRN approved).

Sullair’s full line of air treatment products includes oil/water separators that effectively
remove oil from compressed air condensate. Available in six models, these units not only separate
oil/water mixtures, but also purify the condensate. Sullair also helps users protect equipment and
maximize energy savings with its full line of high quality zero air loss and timed solenoid drains
for efficient removal of pollutant sludge.

Sullair’s air quality guarantee

The dependable Sullair Stationary Air Power System comes with an exclusive Sullair
Air Quality guarantee. This means that compressed air users can now select the quality level that
best meets their plant air or processing requirement needs and be assured the quality will remain
consistent for the full life of the equipment.

Posted on August 9, 2011

Source: Sullair Corp.