Unilux Unveils Pocket Pixel

Saddle Brook, N.J.-based Unilux Inc., a designer and manufacturer of industrial stroboscopic
inspection systems, has released the Pocket Pixel, a portable, battery-powered, pulsing
light-emitting diode (LED) light for high-speed inspection applications in textile mills.

According to Unilux, the Pocket Pixel’s distinctive reflector design focuses a 30-percent
brighter light than traditional strobes on spindles and other spinning equipment, allowing textile
mill maintenance engineers to keep equipment synchronized.

Its eco-friendly, energy-saving LED lamps do not emit ozone or ultraviolet rays, and have
minimal disposal requirements. The company states LED strobes

provide the same functionality as traditional Xenon strobes but are more effective in textile
mills, because as the flash rates increase, the light gets brighter.


The instrument can be permanently mounted or used as a handheld unit, and can run
continuously for up to two hours using rechargeable nickel-cadmium batteries.

September/October 2008