Nordson Presents Universal™ SureWrap™ Nozzles

Nordson Corp. — a Westlake, Ohio-based producer of precision dispensing equipment, and a
manufacturer of electronic equipment used for testing and inspecting electronic components and
technology-based systems for curing and surface treatment processes — now offers its updated
Universal™ SureWrap™ nozzles.

The nozzles apply hot melt adhesive to elastic strands used for elasticized legs, leg cuffs
and waistbands on products such as baby diapers, training pants and adult incontinence products.
Nordson has improved the Universal SureWrap nozzles for enhanced durability and ease of use with
coated elastic materials. They now have hard-wear inserts in the elastic guiding areas, which
alleviate accelerated wear caused by high production speeds and pigmented

and talc-coated elastics.

Universal SureWrap nozzles have patented integral strand guides that optimize adhesive
placement, thereby stabilizing strand position and removing the need for additional guiding
devices. The nozzles can help manufacturers achieve improved creep resistance while decreasing
adhesive consumption and reducing product costs.

September/October 2008