Clearwater’s ScaleBlaster™ Prevents Limescale Deposits

Clearwater Enviro Technologies Inc., Clearwater, Fla., a manufacturer of electronic
descaling equipment and copper/silver ionization systems, reports its ScaleBlaster™ descaler
provides a maintenance-, salt- and chemical-free alternative to water softening equipment to
prevent formation of limescale deposits in plumbing systems, boilers, cooling towers, heating
elements, injection molding and other systems.

ScaleBlaster’s integrated circuitry system produces a modulating frequency that
causes calcium carbonate molecules to lose their adhesive properties, thereby removing existing
scale and preventing formation of new scale, according to the company.

Tested and approved by Environmental Protection Agency laboratories and
universities, the easy-to-install device is available in several models, with size based on water
hardness and pipe size. Clearwater offers a full five-year warranty on the product, and
satisfaction is 100-percent guaranteed.

March/April 2008